Kimberly Lee

Tenielle’s photographs tell a story- of love, laughter, vulnerability, fragility and strength all rolled into one. We were beyond blessed to have gotten the chance to work with her for our first family photoshoot!

Warm, patient and genuinely interested in her subjects, Tenielle was an absolute delight to have as our photographer, seeing and capturing beauty in both the ordinary as well as the extraordinary with a keen eye and a huge heart. Thank you once again for the gorgeous shots and the memories that will remain with us xxx

Corallie Baylis

Tenielle was absolutely brilliant. She made us all feel comfortable and at ease from the moment she walked in, as if we were greeting an old friend. The morning was relaxed and filled with laughter and fun taking into account our son's needs for sleep and feeding which made the whole experience that much more stress free and enjoyable. At no point did we feel pressured to perform or put on our best smiles. Instead Tenielle simply shadowed us as we went about our daily business offering guidance when needed and captured all the magical moments we shared as a new family that morning.
I couldn't recommend her enough.

Bethany Wallace

Tenielle is a beautiful, vibrant, friendly and fun person to be around, my Husband & I were feeling slightly nervous and self conscious before getting our maternity photos taken, but that vanished as we laughed, told stories and jokes and just hung out while she took photos. I love that her photos aren't posed and really show the true nature and personality of people, and how she captures nature and light so beautifully! We had both maternity and newborn photos taken and it was SO worth it! Every part of interacting with her has been so easy, we will definitely be back for photos with our next little one and for future family photos ❤️

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