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Think of a family session as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family having lots of laughs and plenty of fun. We’ll capture some real moments without over thought poses. Just your family being themselves. I choose locations that have meaning to my families. If you are a home-body then YES in home is just perfect as well. Below is some faq questions I usually get before sessions.

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What should we wear?

I am not against everyone dressing the same or matching, BUT because I want to capture genuine authentic family moments I can only do this if everyone is comfortable. That doesn't mean we can't avoid very bright block colours that might give off colour cast like neon's or very bright red, oranges and yellows. But it does mean that the more everyone feels like themselves the better.

How can we prepare?

I ask my families to think about activities they enjoy and see if we can incorporate these into the sessions. Things like playing board games, going to the beach or even doing a coffee run. Reading books and baths is a favourite for toddlers and younger children. I am up for anything so please feel free to set me a challenge. :)

My children aren't fond of the camera, how do I get them to smile?

Just let me worry about this one. I am always looking for authentic laughs and real moments. So the easy answer here is just let's have some fun. Let's jump on the bed and have a tickle fight. Let's fake laugh until we real laugh! Above all I want parents and especially mums to do is engage with their family and be part of the memories.