I would like to share with you this beautiful family maternity session that I recently did. We got absolutely lucky with the weather ending the session with amazing golden light that made me drool!

What I would like to share with you though, is a little bit about the behind the scenes from this session. Little Marcus very recently turned TWO! Being a statistician in my former life, before kids, and having a decent amount of experience in dealing with two year olds. I can tell you that the probability of going into a session(or ANY situation for that matter) with a two year old and getting the results that you had envisioned is virtually zero! Parents seem to think that this situation is unique to them and tend to get a little embarrassed or a bit out of their comfort. But let me tell you now! EVERY two year old session pushes my creativity like no other session. And you know what I LOVE IT! I prefer to go into a session and expect the unexpected, go with with the flow, and keep it all as natural and unique to every family as possible. And in for sessions where their is a two year old involved this is exactly what you get! Little Marcus every time I look at these photo’s it brings a smile to my face. He made us work very hard but, Oh! The results are so worth it! That cheeky personality comes through in almost every photograph.