I am always surprised by the amount of LOVE their is to capture during newborn sessions! The term ‘love bubble’ is the perfect term to describe this time. Don’t get me wrong I remember those days of sleep deprivation to the point that you actually think you might be go mad or feel like this little bundle of joy is trying to kill you slowly! 😉

But with the advantage of my children being a little older now and being able to get a full night’s rest 90% of the time, I can look back at those days as trying but an absolute miracle. This new chapter in your life, this new little person who will one day have a little life of their own, have their own opinions and views and ambitions! How amazing (and scary) that you get to be part of this journey and this is just the beginning of that story. What adventures await?

Bethany, Jason and Shepard enjoy the ride! You guys are beautiful inside and out! And my heart was just warmed sharing a little part of your story.