I must admit I was slightly nervous to photograph some of my besties here in Australia. We immigrated to Australia just under two years now, and Celeste, Hein and their two beautiful girls arrived more or less at the same time. We were introduced via some mutual friends (my other besties) and we’ve all very quickly become family! When your real family lives over 10 ooo km away, you depend on each other so much, and you really appreciate having such amazing people in your life. So why would I be nervous? Well because we all know each other so well. I thought we all might end up chatting more than photographing(which btw is the case for most of my sessions anyway!) and I wouldn’t do them all justice. But it turned out I had nothing to fear. Photographing your friends (who just happen to be gorgeous) is AWESOME! There are no nerves and everyone is generally just having a good time. I love this location at Black Rock beach and it is very quickly turning into one of my FAVOURITE locations. Hope you enjoy this magical session!