My beautiful, beautiful friend Courtney wanted a special maternity session with her and her lovely daughter Charlotte. We knew that bub-to-be was a little girl which made the girly session even more special.

The hardest part of the session was deciding what to wear. I have absolutely been there. Those last few months of pregnancy can be so rough on deciding what you fit into in the mornings let alone trying to find something for a photoshoot! But I always assure my clients that WHATEVER they feel comfortable in will be what matters most! In the end Courtney gave up on getting an outfit and wore her trusty stretchy black dress that she wore most days at this point. The day I sent her the photo’s she called me close to tears and over the moon with the photo’s! And guess what? Her outfit made absolutely NO difference to the session. What made all the difference? Her abundance of love for little Charlotte and Charlotte’s excitement and anticipation for her little sister Gracie’s arrival.

It was just again a reminder that on the day of my sessions just bring your LOVE! That’s all I ask. Just love each other and enjoy each other and the rest will be fabulous!